M.G. Newell Corporation

301 Citation Court
Greensboro, NC 27409

Phone: View Phone Number336-393-0100

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Company Description:

Why M.G. Newell?

We Make It Work Better – it’s not just a tag line, it’s our commitment to you.  Since 1885, M.G. Newell has provided unparalleled service to the sanitary processing industries. We have achieved this through our extensive experience and total focus on the needs of our customers. We stay attuned to your needs throughout every phase of our relationship with you. Your concerns are our concerns. Your problems become our problems. Ultimately, our expert solutions and service become your plan for success. 

As a full-service provider of sanitary equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, we carry a broad range of pumps, valves, fittings and other sanitary processing supplies. In addition, we also work with customers to design and fabricate cost-effective, customized systems to fit their space requirements. 

Our engineers build sanitary design into every system, from pump carts to valve clusters to batching systems to new greenfield installations.  Our field technicians conduct instrument repair, preventive maintenance, calibration of existing equipment and assist in the start-up of new, on-site installations. 

Our Newell Automation controls team will identify the appropriate instrument and control functionality for your process.  With automation hardware, software controls, control panel design and fabrication, we provide turnkey solutions for CIP, batching, blending and other processes.

Come find out how We Make It Work Better!

Product Information:
M.G. Newell engineers and technicians designed and build an L-Shaped mixing skid – 20 feet long, 12 feet tall and 7 feet wide with 6 jacketed tanks and 33 mix-proof valves. Additional skids for the customer included a CIP skid and a tank jacket heating skid. To learn more about our capabilities, visit the M.G. Newell YouTube page -

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Clean-In-Place Equipment (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Cleaning Equipment (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Cleaning, Sanitizing & Washing Components (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Sanitizing Systems, (CIP) (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Sanitizing Systems, (CIP) (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
CO2 Equipment, Analytical (Equipment & Supplies)
Control Instruments & Equipment (Equipment & Supplies)
Deaerators (Equipment & Supplies)
Fillers, Bottle (Equipment & Supplies)
Fillers, Jug (Equipment & Supplies)
Flooring Materials (Equipment & Supplies)
Hoses/Tubings/Clamps (Equipment & Supplies)
Pipes, Fittings & Valves (Equipment & Supplies)
Syrup Handling Equipment, Pumps & Fittings (Equipment & Supplies)
Tanks, Storage (Equipment & Supplies)
Tanks, Storage (Equipment & Supplies)
Concept Design (Research & Development / Technology)
Filters & Equipment, Water (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Filters & Equipment, Water (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Meters, Water (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Meters, Water (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
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