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Adriano Santos
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Company Description:

Heatec makes and sells a wide variety of heaters, liquid storage tanks and related products. You will find our products at numerous industrial facilities that produce oil and gas, chemicals, foods, electrical power, roofing materials and other products. You will also find them at many facilities that make products for road construction. Such facilities include hot-mix asphalt (HMA) plants, asphalt terminals, and emulsion terminals.

Heatec specializes in thermal fluid heaters, especially those with helical coils heated by fired burners. They are extremely versatile and used in a wide variety of industries. They are also known as hot oil heaters. Oil and gas producers know them as HMO (Heat Medium Oil) heaters.

In any case the burner heats the thermal fluid that circulates through the heater coil and through heating coils in other equipment. A single heater can heat multiple pieces of equipment connected in one or more thermal fluid circuits. Moreover, heating of each piece of equipment can be controlled independently by valves that modulate the flow of the hot oil through the equipment.

Heaters with two-pass helical coils are the most popular. They burn a variety of fuels and have high thermal efficiencies that conserve fuel. Heaters are also available with three-pass helical coils and with serpentine coils. Outputs of the ones we can build range up to about 75 million Btu/hour.

We make our own thermal fluid coils. So we can configure the coils for your heater to provide a flow rate that closely matches your required flow rate without compromise.

The heaters can be either vertical or horizontal. A significant advantage of vertical heaters is their small footprint so they can fit into small ground areas.

Heatec manufactures three basic types of water heaters for a wide variety of industrial uses. They have burners that are gas fired. Special versions are available with burners that operate on diesel fuel.
Firestorm® is the brand name of our most popular water heater. It is a direct contact water heater that heats water on demand and provides a continuous supply of instant hot water at a constant temperature. It has an extremely high thermal efficiency.
Special versions of the Firestorm heater are available with NSF certification for food processors.
We also offer a helical coil heater for heating water. It is virtually the same as a thermal fluid heater, except it heats water as it is pumped through its helical coil to an external storage tank or reservoir. The water does not normally recirculate through the heater.

We often modify the designs of products we have built for years in order to meet special needs of our customers. In some cases, we create entirely new designs. Accordingly, we have our own in-house engineers that specialize in designing products for a wide variety of industries. They work closely with you the customer and/or independent engineering firms and inspection teams that you may engage. They are here to work with you from the start of your project and long past the time those products are first put into use.

Our products include thermal fluid heaters, water heaters, process heaters, vaporizers, steam generators and heat recovery units. The heaters are either horizontal or vertical and have either helical coils or serpentine coils. Heater and vaporizer sizes range from 0.7 to 75 million Btu/hour. Related products include pump skids, and expansion tanks.

Our liquid storage tanks are either vertical or horizontal configurations with capacities ranging from 5,000 gallons (18,927 liters) to 45,000 gallons (170,325 liters). Many of these products are available in a portable configuration.

We also make complete polymer systems for asphalt terminals, emulsion plants and roofing manufacturers. These systems blend asphalt with polymers and hold the mixtures for load-out. Other products include fuel preheaters, booster heaters, calibration tanks, barrel melters, etc.

We have a new facility for training customer personnel about use of Heatec products. The training includes hands-on instruction and audio-visual presentations on installation, operation and maintenance of heaters and related equipment.

Our past training programs have focused exclusively on equipment used at hot mix asphalt plants. These programs are part of a 3-1/2 day program offered by Astec and are held each year in January and February.

We have now added a new program that focuses on equipment used at production facilities unrelated to asphalt products. These include a variety of facilities that do process heating. Most of these facilities are involved in production of oil and gas. We refer to our products for these facilities as industrial products. Our training program for process heating is held in October for two days.

The company was formed in 1972 to repair and service asphalt heaters known as "the Chattanooga Heater." Shortly thereafter, the company also began to design and fabricate asphalt storage tanks for Astec HMA plants. Astec Industries bought the company in 1977 and it became known officially as Heatec. Heatec continued to build asphalt storage tanks for Astec HMA plants and also began to produce hot oil heaters for heating asphalt.

It soon became apparent that the company’s hot oil heaters were well suited for industries unrelated to road construction. Consequently, such heaters were sold for use in the carpet industry and for use in production of roofing shingles. New applications for the heaters and related products have grown rapidly ever since. At the present time Heatec products are used in a score of different industries.

Product Information:
Heatec HCI Heaters are used mainly by companies engaged in manufacturing and processing. The heaters feature helical coils built to ASME code. The coil is heated by burner gases. The coil can be used to heat thermal fluid for heating other equipment. Or it can be used to directly heat a product that flows through the coil. Our helical coil heaters are our most popular heaters due to their simplicity, efficiency, low maintenance and relatively low cost.

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