Elettric 80

8100 Monticello Ave.
Skokie, IL 60076

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Company Description:

Since its inception in 1980, Elettric 80 has been at the forefront of change in the global end-of-line automation environment. When it launched Freeway® in the mid 1990s, it not only set a new industry standard, but provided a vision as to how goods should be managed at the end-of-the-line. The Freeway® system is based on a simple idea - robotic palletising cells handle goods at the end of the production line, LGVs then transport the pallets to the stretch wrapping and labelling equipment. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) centrally manages the entire process, thus further reducing product handling costs. Elettric 80’s production facilities and head offices are located in Viano, close to Bologna in Italy. Subsidiaries are located in Chicago USA, Gothenburg Sweden, London UK, Krakow Poland and Melbourne Australia.

Challenging the boundaries......... High value consultancy and the systems approach, a key strength of Elettric 80, lies in our concept Freeway®. This is a highly flexible system for material handling using palletising robots and laser guided vehicles (LGV), high speed wrappers (Silkworm) and a pallet control system that links to a state-of-the-art WMS (Warehouse Management System). All of Elettric 80’s products are designed to be seamlessly integrated into the Freeway® System, with the aim of providing a complete solution for end-of-line automation. The unparalleled flexibility and reliability of the Freeway System has proven to be a powerful tool for users, delivering full product visibility and the agility to meet changing market demands. The Freeway System also includes a number of benefits including low maintenance, quick return on investment, an immediate improvement in overall performance, real-time checks on load data, safer work environment, rapid installation and simple expansion procedures.

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