Phoenix Packaging

Aliona Bessonova
2530 Lapierre
Montreal, QC H8N 2W9

Phone: View Phone Number514-487-6660

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Company Description:

Phoenix is a packaging solution company. Our Ability to supply your ideal package is limited only by your creativity! From juice, milk, kombucha, and non-alcoholic beverages to beer, spirits and wine; we help you create your unique package. We work with materials such as glass, plastics, ceramics, metals, wood, providing a wide variety of options to help you achieve your perfect package. Phoenix has been providing packaging components since 1980, with roots in the packaging industry stretching back nearly 100 years.

Product Information:
These bottles are just one of the many examples of unique packaging concepts that we have designed. Whether you are looking for PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, glass, ceramic, or any other kind of material, Phoenix is capable of transforming it into the ideal package for your product.

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Consulting, Technical (Consultants)
Closures, Crimp Crowns (Packaging)
Closures, Plastic (Packaging)
Closures, Plastic (Packaging)
Containers, Bottles - Ceramic (Packaging)
Containers, Bottles - Glass (Packaging)
Containers, Bottles - Plastic (Packaging)
Containers, Design & Graphics (Packaging)
Containers, Packaging (Packaging)
Containers, Packaging (Packaging)
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