Steelhead, Inc

10322 Moursund Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78221

Phone: View Phone Number210-628-1066
Toll-Free: View Toll-Free Number800.966.7471

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Company Description:

Nearly 50 years ago, Steelhead was created for a single purpose – to design and manufacture equipment for the bottled water industry. Focusing on returnable bottles and water treatment, Steelhead built a first-class line of equipment. Over the years we’ve built an excellent reputation that comes not only from our equipment design, but also from the way we back it up. Service and support to our worldwide customer base is our priority and the reason that we have maintained industry-leader status for nearly five decades. Steelhead is a privately held company incorporating engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, customer service, and support from our San Antonio, TX location. Our product capabilities are bottling systems, support equipment, water treatment, and ancillary equipment. From the beginning we have focused on the development and delivery of 5 gallon bottling systems. Even prior to PET & polycarbonate, Steelhead was making washers, fillers, cappers, and conveyors for glass bottles. We manufacture the single operator Ultra Series from 150 – 350 bph and High-Speed 3 & 5 gallon solutions from 450 – 3,000 bph. Every bottling line needs support equipment and you can turn to Steelhead as a supplier and / or recommendations ranging from compressors to ink-jet coders. We can incorporate equipment from the finest suppliers into your design for a single-source partner. We are also proficient in the water purification marketplace providing high-efficiency ozonation packages to reverse-osmosis systems. We offer sterilization, purification, and filtration solutions that fit your needs with the technical excellence to match your uncompromising standards in the water treatment arena. Lastly, we offer engineered full plant solutions as well as all of the ancillary capabilities to support our profile clientele.

Filters & Equipment (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Rinsers, Bottle - Water (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Sanitizing Systems, (CIP) (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Sanitizing Systems, Hot Water (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Sanitizing Systems, Steam Cleaning (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Washers, Bottle (Cleaning & Sanitizing)
Conveyors & Equipment (Equipment & Supplies)
Equipment & Sales (Equipment & Supplies)
Filtration (Equipment & Supplies)
In-Line Testing Equipment, Brix (Equipment & Supplies)
Meters (Equipment & Supplies)
Mixers (Equipment & Supplies)
Mixing & Blending (Equipment & Supplies)
Palletizing & Pallet Loaders (Equipment & Supplies)
Pre-Mix Equipment, Tanks (Equipment & Supplies)
Pumps (Equipment & Supplies)
Tanks (Equipment & Supplies)
Tanks, Mixing (Equipment & Supplies)
Tanks, Storage (Equipment & Supplies)
Water Filters (Equipment & Supplies)
Water Treating Equipment & Systems, Chlorinators (Equipment & Supplies)
Fillers (Packaging)
Carbon (Activated) (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Filters & Equipment, Water (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Meters, Water (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Water Filters, Carbon (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Water Filters, Polishers (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Water Filters, Sand (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Water Treating Equipment & Systems, Membrane (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Water Treating Equipment & Systems, Ozone Generators (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Water Treating Equipment & Systems, Reverse Osmosis (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Water Treating Equipment & Systems, Ultraviolet (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
Water, Bottled (Water / Wastewater Product & Services)
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