Preform Solutions, Inc.

Dennis Christopherson
3801 N. Fourth Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104(605) 335-

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Company Description:

Preform Solutions, Inc. is a custom PET Preform molding company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Since 2001, we have specialized in the mid-range production of superior quality preforms for industries such as food and beverage, oil, liquor, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.  We offer single source service taking your concept and bringing it to production.  Our preform design engineer is an expert in the industry; assisting in PET bottle design and creating preforms to meet many needs.  Prototyping prior to production offers an opportunity for our customers to trial run the product ensuring the quality and design meets your needs.  Preform Solutions, Inc. is a flexible company that can respond to your needs in a fast and cost effective manner.  If you don’t need a custom preform designed, we also offer many stock preforms that may meet the needs of our customers; speeding up lead time to production. 
We are able to manage your entire PET preform process from PET bottle concept through completed preform production.  Preform Solutions offers multiple tooling, mold, and machine processes providing a wide range of possibilities.  Because we take your concept and bring it through to production we are a single-source company taking full responsibility for your project.  We also offer oxygen barriers, colors, or additives to meet customer demands.   

Product Information:
Our high quality preforms can be run in clear or a variety of colors and sizes.

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